Sleep v Sangria: To go or not to go

Is this thing working ?

The day you turn eighteen, people hope for some sort of instant enlightenment from you- as if your entire life is expected to be sorted the minute the clock strikes twelve. But the year I turned eighteen, I did get a lot of time to introspect and think about what lies ahead in this adult world and I came to realize one thing- I hate people. Or to phrase it better, I hate going out and meeting people.

Call me lazy or socially awkward or whatever is the new term Tumblr users are trying to make ‘lit af’ this year, but there is something about going out and meeting tons of people that actually scares me. For starters, you get a message inviting you to a plan to ‘hang out’ and your mind goes into overdrive. What will I wear, who all will be there, will there be food, will…

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