Weekly Business Quiz # 348

India Business Quiz


Q 1. Which are the two industrialists appointed by Tata sons as non-executive directors ?

Ans. Ajay Piramal and Venu Srinivasan

Q2. What is common to Reader’s Digest, Lakme, Nerolac and  Forbes ?

Ans. They all were companies owned by Tatas and since sold.

Q3. Identify this business executive who is slated to succeed AM Naik at L & T 


Ans. S.N.Subrahmanyam

Q4. What is the name of the microfinance firm floated by Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilakani and Vijay Kelkar ?

Ans. Avanti Finance

Q5. Which HAL designed helicopters will replace the Cheetah and Chetaks in the Indian armed forces ?

Ans. Light Utility helicopter ( LUH)

Q6. Where can you ‘Feel the jail” by staying in a prison for one night by paying a fee of Rs 500 only ?

Ans. Sangareddy District Central Jail,Medak District,Telangana…known as Telangana Jail Museum

q7. Many Indian automakers are planning to launch hybrid…

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