Everything Wrong With DPS RK Puram

Adit Bhardwaj

The saddest thing about this article is that it will be construed as rebellion, as a lot of things that aren’t rebellion often are. However, if the fear of misunderstanding were a successful deterrent, nobody would speak, and this is something that must be said.

There are problems with every school, let alone one that boasts the size and diversity of DPS RK Puram. But the problem here isn’t red tape or crowded classrooms. The problem is that DPS RK Puram is where reason goes to die.

Let’s start with a story.

Morning. You reached school 90 seconds late. I’m sorry, you must sacrifice your firstborn to atone for your sins. The first failure of reason is visible first thing in the morning, for what does the school do when students arrive late? Line them up and delay them by another 10 minutes! And then charge them fifty rupees for…

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