It’s a Long Way to the Top-Why Chelsea deserve to be Champions

After the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight(SPOILER ALERT-Mayweather won), I asked one of my friends why he liked Mayweather. After all, he wasn’t the most popular or entertaining fighter.His answer was simple,”Cause he wins”.

And that’s all Jose Mourinho does. In fact that’s what he specializes in. Wherever he has gone,he has won. And that is all he cares about. He couldn’t care less about beautiful football. He is willing to do anything to win. And that is what makes him “The Special One”.

While his antics may be controversial and unpopular, there is a method to his madness. His distracting interviews and over-the-top personality keeps the attention of the media and away from his players, allowing them to single-mindedly focus on their football.

It is easy to have a couple of attacking players in your team who play expansive football. It is much more difficult to drill all your players to defend as if their life depends on it.

While this season was filled with wins for Chelsea, it was arguably defined by two losses- 5-3 against Tottenham on New Year’s Day and 4-2 against Bradford City in the FA Cup.Till that point, Chelsea had played a beautiful form of football with Hazard, Fabregas and Costa tearing up defences. These losses jolted Mourinho and made him bring back a tactic he had pioneered,”Parking The Bus”.One goal up, shut shop, game over, no way back for the opposition. And there’s no use calling them “Boring, Boring Chelsea”/ Because that is what championship-calibre sides do to succeed.

There is still some room to improve for Chelsea, there always is. They need more squad depth, rotation and less injury prone strikers. But for now, Mourinho has shown his genius and soon the ribbons on the Premier League trophy will be a more familiar shade of blue.