Sectarianism in Football isn’t just the club’s problem

With the recent incidents of racial discrimination against a Paris citizen by Chelsea fans and the reports of chants of “Fenian blood” by sections of Rangers crowds in matches, the incidents of racism and discrimination have got highlighted. They aren’t the first cases and they surely won’t be the last.

However what people need to understand is that the club can do absolutely nothing to change the racist mentality of their fans no matter how many campaigns for equality and stop in racism. Sure, they can impose bans after the incidents which has been commendably done by Chelsea but the club could have done absolutely nothing to stop these individual instances.

If it had been Didier Drogba, the Chelsea hero,  had been entering the train , then the Chelsea fans would have been falling on his feet rather than indulging in racist chants. And there in lies the problem. The Chelsea fans would never have indulged in such chants if it had been “one of their own”.

The need is for people to understand that racism is BAD no matter who it is against. No amount of excuses can justify such actions and incidences where the clubs support or make excuses, their actions should be severely punished. The fact that a “small minority” of Rangers fan indulged in such sectarian chants doesn’t justify Rangers and SPL ignoring such incidents. The need for action against such clubs and fans is desperately needed.