Media Is Good

Everything in this modern age is powered by media from the moment we wake up until we sleep at night.
Media is universal, complex, illustrative, attractive and inspirational at the same time. Using media, you can interact with absolutely every person not only in your community, but on the planet! Unlike books, which you can only read if you know how, or any other text products, in media you can create messages completed not only with words, but also videos, images and sounds. It greatly extends ability of people to comprehend information, as well as includes those people who can’t see or hear. Facts and figures are much easier to remember, you see connections between facts and stories better, you are able to directly see and feel the subject of your story. Apart of this, media captures and ‘memorizes’ stories, people, events and evidences. It helps you to prove your point better, show reality to people and therefore make a powerful call to action. It not only increases your attention and motivation to explore issues more, but also media attracts views of millions to what you want to say, and this way makes your voice equally important! Media has not just become a form of disseminating information and entertainment but also the most trusted form of advertising. Millions of consumers and advertisers today receive a flood of information through commercial advertising. Recently, online media has become an improved modern method of interaction. Its quick and easy access at the touch of a button has not only made media powerful but also helps in keeping us updated even on the move. Mass media can be used for educational purposes in an effective manner, and media is a boon for all age groups and people from different walks of life in many ways. They get news, views, and constructive information related to the subject of their choice.
In the end I would just like to see that while it is true that media has certain disadvantages and bad aspects too it however it is visible to anyone that the advantages and benefits which media has in the modern world clearly outweigh the disadvantages.