Looking for a great game? Here’s one: Crysis 3! This is probably the best First-Person Shooter out. With a whole lot of aliens, weapons, abilities and a trademark nanosuit, an action lover is sure to get his money worth.
The game takes place several years after events of Crysis 2, with the alien invasion under control. In the beginning, Psycho, a former team-mate, breaks Prophet( The Protagonist) out of a CELL base and takes him to meet a group of people , who are fighting against CELL’s oppression. In a strike against a CELL power source, Prophet uncovers the alien leader, the Alpha Ceph, who breaks out and restarts the invasion. Following is a perfect setting for an apocalypse with the humans facing off against the aliens.
Crysis 3 boasts some great graphics and gameplay. Also, the nanosuit is a weapon in itself, giving the player divine abilities like becoming invisible, stronger, faster and invulnerable. The tactical visor comes into it’s own as an essential tool to mark objectives, enemies, ammunition stashes and vehicles. The best part is that the nanosuit and the weapons can be upgraded at anytime in the game and different modules may be selected to suit the player’s needs. There’s also a wide variety of weapons and attachments to choose from. Ranging from pistols to assault and sniper rifles, the player will be spoilt for choice, An all new additional weapon, namely Predator Bow, might just be the coolest thing in the entire game. With different arrow heads to choose a variety of different bow strings, how can anyone resist this silent killer? Another very important point to be noted is that you can even use alien weapons. This increases Prophet’s already vast arsenal to a mind blowing extent.
However, at on easy or normal difficulty, the game becomes a bit too easy and on the hardest difficulty ( Supersoldier ), there’s simply no chance of survival( saving you are an insane gamer). The aliens might be tough to beat as well. The thing which might prove confusing is that why are CELL waging a war against humans when there’s an alien invasion which already seems to threaten the human race. Also, the storyline isn’t really intriguing and is typical. So, really, there isn’t really needful for the player to inter-relate events.
And there’s a good amount of swearing( for the sensitive ones).
Buying this game is the complete choice of the buyer. If you’re looking for a good FPS game, then this might just be the game for you. But if the storyline matters too, then you might put your money elsewhere.
Overall, Crysis 3 is a must have for First-Person Shooter fans, as the game promises to thrill.