Bioshock, widely accepted as one of the most revolutionary games, does stand up to the reputation. As critics find it hard to give it below 90% scores, Bioshock proves to be the best First-Person shooter in the 2000-10 decade.

Enter Rapture, a city under the blues, is the location of the plot in 1958. Once, a city of promise. Now, a lair of corpses. Andrew Ryan( secondary antagonist), the mastermind behind the great city, is now on a pursuit to now end all human survivors. Jack( the protagonist) , caught in the city after an plane crash should now find a way out of this frenzy of mutated splicers and psychopaths.

The game, quite simple as it seems, has many twists and turns in the plot. Which is better closed for now to the gamers who might want to buy this game later.

The characters have been well developed and their personality can have a deep impression on the player. The game is one in which any gamer would want to take time and enjoy the game, rather than just wanting to complete it. Hard to believe but true, the game is one of the few to create a true bond with the player.

The graphics are fine for a game of 2007. The engine used is well and considerable amount of detail can be seen, when played on maximum settings.

However as in every game, it has it’s cons. The game is not for one who enjoys a variety of weapons when terming a good gameplay. It has a limited eight weapons by the end, all of which the user needn’t switch so that’s a fatal down for a game of this quality.
Another major upset is that the death of the antagonists is not that great as it is hyped to by the time we reach them. The final boss is seemingly easier to defeat than the entire game. Which gives another thumbs down.
Lastly, the endings fail to grab the emotion. Especially if you’re cruel enough to get the evil ending, the joke’s on you.
In spite of all the cons, the game is one of the most dominating in the decade and certainly, the best ever 2K Entertainment has released. It helped 2K to survive when it was on the verge of it’s end and now is it’s major lifeline along with the NBA franchise.