Weekly Business Quiz # 357

India Business Quiz


Q1. Point of Sale  terminals of which bank has been authorised to dispense cash up to Rs 2000 at petrol pumps of PSU oil companies ?

Ans. SBI

Q2, Which American car co will be reexporting back to US cars manufactured by their Indian subsidiary ?

Ans. Ford Ecosport

Q3, After voting out Cyrus Mistry as Chairman, who has taken over as Chairman of Tata Global Beverages ?

Ans. Harish Bhat

Q4. Why has there been a jump in 1000% of bookings in AC -I class as reported by Railways ?

Ans. Several people with unaccounted money are using railways to launder their money by booking first and cancelling later, incurring a small charge.

Q5. Why has suddenly the Karnataka state PSU Mysore paints and varnishes got a windfall business ?

Ans. Indelible ink is being used by banks to mark the people who exchange their currency notes, so…

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Weekly Business Quiz # 353

India Business Quiz


Q 1. Why does Mrs.Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI call herself Chairman and not Chairperson ?

Ans. When Arundhati Bhattacharya got her visiting card with Chairperson printed on it. The legal department alerted her that there is no provision of Chairperson in the SBI, ACT. Hence she is called Chairman.

Q 2. Why are Indian airlines seeking ban of sale of alcohol in Indian airports ?

Ans. Drunk passengers are misbehaving and harrassing crew

Q3. Which company has acquired the cement units of JP Group in Bhilai and Nigrie ?

Ans. Orient Cement of CK Birla Group

Q4. Under what brand name has Nestle India launched various flavours of cold coffee in Tetra packs ?

Ans. Nescafe

Q5. Identify the model.


Ans. Pierce Brosnan

Q6. Which is India’s largest privately held pharma firm, now in the news for a large overseas acquisition ?

Ans. Intas pharmaceuticals

Q7. What is the…

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Weekly Business Quiz # 348

India Business Quiz


Q 1. Which are the two industrialists appointed by Tata sons as non-executive directors ?

Ans. Ajay Piramal and Venu Srinivasan

Q2. What is common to Reader’s Digest, Lakme, Nerolac and  Forbes ?

Ans. They all were companies owned by Tatas and since sold.

Q3. Identify this business executive who is slated to succeed AM Naik at L & T 


Ans. S.N.Subrahmanyam

Q4. What is the name of the microfinance firm floated by Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilakani and Vijay Kelkar ?

Ans. Avanti Finance

Q5. Which HAL designed helicopters will replace the Cheetah and Chetaks in the Indian armed forces ?

Ans. Light Utility helicopter ( LUH)

Q6. Where can you ‘Feel the jail” by staying in a prison for one night by paying a fee of Rs 500 only ?

Ans. Sangareddy District Central Jail,Medak District,Telangana…known as Telangana Jail Museum

q7. Many Indian automakers are planning to launch hybrid…

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The God Paradox

Some people love God, some people think the idea is silly. One man, however, not only rejects the idea- he sees it as cancer, slowly eating away at the health of humanity. In his eyes, it does nothing but breed animosity, hate, and causes unnecessary division between fellow men. It acts as a shield for evil, and a vice by which to trick the less fortunate.

Much in the way Hitler thought murdering those he saw as ‘unfit’ would ‘cleanse’ society, this man took it upon himself to erase religion. With a time machine he’d stolen from the government, the only one in existence, he went back and murdered all those who tried to embrace religion. He wanted to create a new timeline where humans embraced each other instead of God; one where love was worshipped rather than a cross or stone.

Yet, when his hands were marred with the bloodstains of a billion people, and he returned to his own time, it was he who had become God. The Purger of evil, the Punisher of wickedness. He lights the path for those trapped in darkness. Every last human on the planet idolised his very existence.

And it was then that he came to a conclusion: religion is not like a cancer, it is a cancer. Much in the way race or nationality inherently brews conflict but cannot be removed, religion is a part of the human psyche. He could not stop it. What good would murdering the whole world do? He could assume his position and try to do good, but that would defeat the purpose. The point of his work was to free humanity, not chain it to his own will.

Still, they chanted his name on the streets. He could hear them from his room, the sound clogging his mind.

Nothing, he thought to himself as he sat in bed with a loaded .44 magnum. Nothing will save them. They are meant to be slaves.

But I can be free.

Credit to Reddit(Hey that rhymes)